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1. Monitoring & Evaluation Expert in PMU - Apply

Terms of Reference



Qualification & Experience

Tasks to be accomplished


M& E Expert

  • Masters Degree in any discipline preferably planning
  • Minimum of 7 years of experience at State Level in Development Sector especially in Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of project related to Irrigation Sector, Livelihood sector preferably project with external assistance.  He/ She must be having excellent knowledge of computers and analytical capabilities of very high standards.
  • The candidate has to produce a small brief as to how they propose to monitor and analyze the project at the time of interview.


  • Co-ordinating with Subject Experts such as Institutional Development, ALSS Experts and Engineers on subject matters and generate a common understanding among all stakeholders on Result Based Framework.
  • Co- ordinating M & E agency for baseline, concurrent monitoring, mid-term assessment and final project evaluation and all others related to the M&E Agency.
  • Co-ordinating with PMU team in orienting the component strategies to achieve Result Based Framework.
  • Updating Results framework on the basis of Baseline findings.
  • Compilation of project annual plans from component wise plans generated for formulation of review and progress formats.
  • Carrying out field visit based monitoring  from time to time and evaluation the components of different activities
  • Consolidation, analysis, feedback and dissemination of comparative monthly progress
  • Conducting Quarterly reviews.
  • Six monthly project reviews for KPI
  • Project Documentation including producing case studies/success stories, newsletters.
  • Co-ordinating and monitoring of all impact surveys and finalizing the reports after proper evaluation.
  • Co-ordinating with concerned in preparation of reports, outcome indicators, deliverables of the Project and to present the same to World Bank officials.
  • Co-ordinating with World Bank experts for finalizing all the deliverables required.
  • Co-ordinating with all experts and agencies to finalise the Project Completion Report duly evaluating targets, tasks & achievements and present the same to the World Bank.
  • Accomplish other tasks as per the need of project as assigned by State Project Director.



2.Engineering consultant in PMU - Apply


Engineering Consultant

  • Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering


  • Retired Engineer in the cadre of not less than Executive Engineer in Irrigation Department.
  • The Engineering Consultant shall be working under the Administrative Control of the Project Management Unit.
  • Regular Monitoring of all restoration works of MI tanks under execution in all districts where works are under progress and submit a report containing observations bottlenecks and corrective steps to be taken if any to the PMU.
  •  To oversee the construction and quality control aspects of the works, and suggest steps and modifications if any.
  • To review the mobilization of man power and machinery of contracting agency and suggest accordingly to execute the targeted work as scheduled.
  • To ensure that instructions/advice received from quality control staffs are implemented.
  • Maintenance of O.k. cards by the concerned with respect to various works is to be ensured.
  • To coordinate with the Engineering Department authorities and Contracting agencies to achieve the targeted proposed expenditure.
  • To accompany World Bank officials during the visits to works and to prepare necessary documentation.
  • To give feedback to PMU on every fortnight with regard to progress of works.
  • To ensure that the standards prescribed for the works are adhered to improve the efficiency.
  • Submission of tour reports pertaining to field visits and monthly progress report to PMU.
  • To conduct review meetings at SE/DPD level to adhere to the scheduled plan and to monitor progress of work in the ongoing works and also the additional works approved.
  • To verify the components of works whether they are being executed as per design standards and approved drawings.
  • To ensure regular measurement and recorded of water through CTFs by the concerned NSO staff and advice them in proper reporting to external M&E Agency.



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