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10 12/7/2010 0 0 0 0 EAST GODAWARI 0 0 DPU Select Functioning of WUA 0
11 10/18/2008 WUA of Narava Narava Narava Pendurthi VISAKHAPATNAM dpu_vsp@yahoo.co.in 9490958690 DPU Select Functioning of DPU WUA President Narava complained that ducking of Varaha Narasimha tank has get fire accident .He was requesting the Project Director DPU to get claim from insurence company i.e. Bajaj Allianz.So DPU took initiation to get claim from the Bajaj Allianz .After over phone and letter corespondence of several times ,Bajaj Allianz officials informed us to not posible to provide claim .the reseaon is that Agriment period is 3 months During that period if there is any problem ,they can be paid claim.After completion of the Agreement period ,there is no provision,they intimated.
12 3/16/2009 Sri.Banturaju,Paraworker,Kovvuru,Rolugumta Mandal Kovvuru Kovvuru Rolugunta VISAKHAPATNAM dpu_vsp@yahoo.co.in 9490958691 DPU Select Functioning of DPU Mr.Bantu Raju ,Paraworker of Kovvuru requested all the information about APCBTMP .He is working as a paraworker in kovvuru,requested DPU to provide information under RTI act.DPU has given a date to him with in a month i.e. 13 th April to get information .But he send a message over phone that I am sick to day .Some other day I will come and get information.For this purpose how much money need to pay .One day Mr Bantu Raju came to DPU to get all the information on 11/5/2009.He took all the information about SOs .But he need some other information for that he has given one letter.For that PD,DPU,has to communicate date.
13 6/9/2009 WUA president ,Vemapdu,Venkayya Tank Vempadu Vemapdu Nakkapalli VISAKHAPATNAM dpu_vsp@yahoo.co.in 9490958691 DPU Select Functioning of DPU contractor has dumped the ,material and he has not proceeded further work.